ryan herzog

Co-Founder of Herzog Heiser, and a Combat Controller for the USAF from 1999-2007. As part of the Special Tactics Unit, he conducted Special Operations during the War on Terror and Operation Enduring Freedom. Herzog acquired extensive knowledge and hands-on experience in a variety of tactical training methods. Most importantly, Herzog developed the mental fortitude skills necessary to survive the grueling environment of war. Today, these training styles continue to produce success for elite units in the military, government agencies, world class athletes and corporations. Entrepreneurial spirited, Herzog has helped start, and continues to manage several corporations that demand efficient and effective productivity with continual growth throughout all channels.


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Billy heiser

Co-Founder of Herzog Heiser, President and head coach at Add 2 Performance, a company founded to create performance teams for athletes focusing on physical, mental, and emotional skills. Add 2 Performance creates tailored performance teams for 15+ world class professional athletes. As a former professional athlete, Heiser developed a philosophy and approach for creating and sustaining a successful high-performance environment. Heiser uses practical training methods to build fundamental frameworks that enable people to be the best they can be. His commitment to excellence provides top business leaders and world class athletes with the foundational skills to enhance their cultures and unlock untapped potential.